Get your Net Worth in realtime!

Your net worth = (your assets - liabilities). We help track your assets, liabilities and update constanly.

Pricing: $0.50 / account / month. So if you happen to have 5 bank accounts, it's $2.50 / month.
Don't like paying? Host your own

Step 1: Link all your banks with Net Worth

We don't store your bank username or password. We have read-only access.

We support over 9,000 banks!

Net Worth sample

and that's it!

Once connected, we will provide your personal Net Worth number in realtime!


We take security very seriously! Here are the steps we follow to give you a peace of mind:

Fully Open Source

We built Net Worth in the open, its source codes are available on GitHub, MIT license.

Strong Vendors

Our vendors are Plaid and Amazon AWS

We don't store your credentials

We never capture or store your bank username and password. We use Plaid and its API to have read-only access to your account.

Encryption everywhere

We encrypt all traffic going to and from our servers. We encrypt all data at rest.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Net Worth?

A net worth amount is how much money you are actually having. Its formula is very simple:
Net Worth = all assets - all liabilities

Let's say you have $10,000 cash in your bank account, and have $2,000 in your credit card, your net worth at this point in time is $8,000.

Why should I care about realtime Net Worth?

You might only know an estimated net worth number. With this service, you would know that amount in realtime. Here are the advantages:

  1. Instantly know if a big spending occurred that you might not know about
  2. Know when you can retire based on your historical data

Can you withdrawal money from my bank account?

By law we can't do that and with our technical implementation, we only have access to read your account balance and transactions. We don't sell your financial data. We make money by helping you host this awesome open source software that we have created.

Why do you guys open source your software? What is open source?

Open source software allows anyone to view the source code and makes changes to it in anyway they want. They can modify it to make it better and make a new product from it. We are big believer in open source software. In fact the Net Worth project is all built from using other open source software. We use the simple MIT license so you can actually just copy the software and make a new company out of it.

How do you make money if you guys are giving away your source code for free?

Many great companies have done this before us, Wordpress, Reddit, Docker, etc are all open source projects. We make money by charging our customers a small fees to help them host the software. The software is free but the infrastructure such as server and database are not free. We also provide paying customers with faster technical support.

I like this product, I want to help make it better, how can I help?

Thank you! We need a lot of help to make this awesome free product better for many users. You can help us code, let your friends know about this project

  • Star this project on GitHub
  • Go through the issues and help us fix bugs, or create new features
  • Tell your friends about us
  • Become our mentors, we love to learn from your experiences. Email us:
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